Resident Evil 4 (2023)
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Ammo, resources, and herbs can be stored in storage.

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Ammo, resources, and herbs can be stored in storage.

In addition, if you hold down a specific key and pull out an item of storage, you can pull out the maximum number of items in a stack at once.
For example, 50 rounds of handgun ammo can be taken out at once.

[PS]:□ or △
[XBOX]:X or Y

The difference with the stack size MOD is that it reduces the number of items in the attaché case, making it easier to drop ammo, resources, and herbs from breakable boxes.
You can also actively pick up items that will put pressure on the case, such as black bass (L).
It might be interesting to get lots of handgun ammos from Lewis or to collect lots of boot knives in a knife battle with Krauser.

[known issues]
・Kitchen knives and short knives will copy the durability of the first deposit to the second and subsequent ones.
 Please be careful when depositing knives that are likely to break.
 If you deposit a new knife first, you can use this specification to repair a knife that is about to break into a new one.
・The number of kitchen knives and short knives deposited is not displayed.
 You can check them from the arms dealer's sale list.
・Take out an item while it is scrollable upward moves the selection by one item.
 Originally the first aid spray was a stackable item on the storage, but this problem did not occur because it was always at the top of the scroll position.