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Cleans the old .SKSE files in your save game folder, saving significant amount of space in your SSD / disk.

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This is a Python script that looks for and deletes old, unused SKSE files that do nothing but occupy space in your save game folder.

The .SKSE files in the save folder are created by SKSE when you use mods that rely on SKSE functionality. These files typically store additional data or settings related to the mods. They work in conjunction with the .ESS files, which are the regular save files created by the game.

However, when you overwrite existing saves (including autosave and quicksave), the existing .SKSE files are not deleted or overwritten. As you play for extended duration, these old .SKSE files will pile up and eat up a lot of space in your disk.

For me personally, I had over 1000 old SKSE files in my save folder, which ate up almost 1 GB in my C Drive.

This Python script will look for these old .SKSE files and delete them. This will have no impact on your game, but will save a lot of space for you.

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  • Launch CleanSKSE.exe
  • All old SKSE files to be deleted will be listed
  • If you want, pick a few samples and verify that these files are indeed old SKSE files
  • If you are sure you want to delete these old files (of course you do), type y then hit enter
  • The old SKSE files will be deleted and a message will tell you how many files have been deleted, with how much space freed
  • Close the window and enjoy Skyrim :)

If there is any virus warning, please let me know. It's a simple and safe program but this is the first time I upload .exe here.

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